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What is the Magnet Export Business Portal?

The Magnet Export Business Portal delivers targeted export events, resources and opportunities to you through a customized dashboard- and to your inbox! It was created with one goal in mind: to help Canadian businesses succeed in reaching export markets, and grow their businesses with international customers.

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Magnet harnesses export-related programs and resources from these leading providers:

Benefits for Your Business

Receive free customized updates and information on export-related services, funding, resources and more

Learn of newly launched export opportunities and trade missions that match your business

Customize your dashboard and get information delivered right to your inbox

How Magnet Works

1 - Create a Profile
Tell us about your industry, location, and revenue

2 - Get Matched
To customized information on support programs, funding and resources

3 - Plan for Success
Keep up-to-date with push notifications straight to your inbox

Why Should You Export?

Increase Revenues
Exporters grow at a faster rate than non-exporters

Expand Your Customer Base
Look beyond the small Canadian market for new customers

Become More Competitive
Exporters become more innovative, profitable and productive

Recent Updates

Magnet Export Business Portal Success Stories: Science North

Science North: A leader among Science Centres While Science North has grown to become a popular tourist attraction, and an educational resource for children and adults across Ontario, less known is the organization’s extraordinary export journey. As a service-oriented establishment,…

Magnet Export Business Portal Success Stories: Hard Line

Hard-Line: Advancing the Mining Industry through Automation Hard-Line is a leading supplier of heavy-duty mining remote controls and mining automation systems. Hard-Line develops new, customized and innovative products and services that increase efficiency in mining and other industries. By configuring…

Council of the Great Lakes Region Launches New Program to help SMEs Scale, Innovate, and Export

          Toronto, Ontario – Today the Council of the Great Lakes Region, in collaboration with Ryerson University, launched a new program called Great Lakes Ready. Utilizing the Magnet Export Business Portal as the backbone of the…

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What Business Owners Are Saying

I have been able to take advantage of government trade initiatives, and its opened doors for my business; the Magnet Export Business Portal puts these opportunities in front of businesses, so they too can reap the benefits.

Grant Colhoun, CEO
Okanii Inc.

Magnet partners with leading associations and organizations to help power economic growth

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