How one blogger went global

Nour Kaiss is CEO of Nourka inc, an online modest fashion and scarf brand catering to a worldwide audience. Prior to starting her company in 2016, Nour was a lifestyle blogger with over 300,000 Instagram followers and came to the realization that there was a need for an opportunity to sell high-quality modest scarves.

“I remember when first starting my company and while pregnant preparing each product label and shipment and having my small condo overrun with product. I would personally drop off my packages at Canada Post. I did this because I didn’t know there were options. I didn’t know you could have someone else do that. Instead of spending time on marketing and growing my business I was struggling to fulfill orders myself,” Kaiss said.

“I wanted to be more efficient. After some research, I found eShipper which could also house my product in a safe secure environment and handle the shipping. As soon as I called, they scheduled a meeting with me to find a custom solution to reduce the time I was spending on shipping so that I could focus on growth and be the CEO I wanted to be.”

Having a shipping and logistics partner like eShipper is one way for online businesses to save time and money is a shipping. Tips like this to help businesses grow were recently shared during a webinar by BizLaunch which included a panel of entrepreneurs and business service providers sharing advice on growing online businesses.

Representatives of Magnet Export Business Portal also joined the panel discussion to share information about this valuable business tool designed to help businesses grow by giving them access to trade and funding opportunities and providing information about trade missions.

The free online resource contains content and program information from several different business growth, trade and government partners including the Ontario Government, Global Affairs Canada, BDC, and Export Development Canada (EDC).

eShipper’s Imtiaz Kermali, vice president sales and marketing, was also part of the panel discussion. “Shipping is the point in which a customer finally experiences your product in person,” he says. “Consider worldwide shipping sooner than you think because it can be cheaper to ship outside of Canada than shipping within.”

For Kaiss, she said the benefits she found to use a full service storing, packing and shipping service are:

  1. Holding my inventory in their safe and large facility was a huge saving of time and space.
  2. They were able to integrate their service into my Shopify platform, which was key.
  3. eShipper was able to handle the packaging and shipping which provided more competitive shipping rates for my customers.

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