Magnet Export Business Portal Success Stories: Hard Line

Hard-Line: Advancing the Mining Industry through Automation

Hard-Line is a leading supplier of heavy-duty mining remote controls and mining automation systems. Hard-Line develops new, customized and innovative products and services that increase efficiency in mining and other industries. By configuring machinery to operate remotely, Hard Line is revolutionizing what it means to ‘work in a mine’.

Hard-Line was established in Sudbury, Ontario in 1996, and has grown to become a global company with additional offices in Chile and Peru, and a worldwide network of distributors.

Walter Siggelkow, CEO, Founder and President of Hard-Line discusses the challenges and opportunities that he has faced bringing his company to markets outside of Canada in a video presented by the Magnet Export Business Portal.

Given how small the Canadian market is, Walter highlights the successes and growth his company realized when it began exporting.

“If you do something really well, whether that’s a service or you build a product that’s really good, and you think that other people can use it in other parts of the world, then you need to look at the export markets.”

According to Walter, it was time-consuming to find resources to help his business begin to export. “When we first started out, we turned to the government agencies for help, there was no central repository to go to and ask to look for information; you had to do the research, get on the phone, and talk to people and have them refer you, it was very difficult.”

However, having a resource like the Magnet Export Business Portal available will be able to help Walter’s team identify the best trade missions, export events and funding opportunities for his business to continue to grow and deepen its presence in foreign markets.

“The Export Business Portal gets all this information that was so hard to get in the past, pulls it all into one spot, gives you one point of contact and then you can figure out who you should be dealing with. And that’s what the goal of this is, to help us find out where to go.”

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